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Random Updates, things I like, and such.

What's going on around here? I'm changing things. I'm still going to be friendly. If you need my help with anything, please contact me, you can talk to me, yell at me, vent at me, I don't really care. I'll try to help you, no matter what. Please, don't take advantage of me, though. That's just a way not to get help anymore.
About Me: I'm A Christian, erm...I'm female, that's a thing. Um, I'm pretty much a conservative, but I'd prefer to think for myself and make my own decisions. I don't stick strictly to one party, I most likely never will. I'm a writer, you can find me on Wattpad at KnightIndustries. I get lonely sometimes, I don't know why. Erm..I try to be pretty friendly, I'm a Whovian, and I have second-hand fandom condition, to me! That's prettty much it.
My favorite people:
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Support Your Troops by Danilee3240


Hello, everybody! 

I see a lot of people struggling with coloring lineart, and guess what? I used to as well. I'm still not awesome at coloring, but I've discovered a secret. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you don't have to go through a complicated process to extract the black lines from the white background! There's an action which can be found at the bottom, done by the lovely Saerina. There may be other extraction actions (hey, that rhymes!) out there, but this is the one I'm using. SO, first things first, second things second. Quick disclaimer, if you have Photoshop CS anything, you probably won't need this guide. This guide is designed for Elements, which on the face, doesn't allow you to add actions. 

Step One: Find your Adobe Folder. If you have a Windows 8 like I do, it may be in your hidden folders. So you'll want to do this. 
1. Open Control Panel
2. In the Search Bar, type File Options. Look around, and find the 'show hidden folders' check box. Check it, and hit apply. Then, hit the main files in the corner of your screen. Click "Windows (C: ) and then look for Program Data. Click on it, then open the Adobe File.

Step Two:  Open the Adobe File 

Step Three: Click Photoshop Elements, then your version. For me, it's 8.0

Step Four: Click Locale, then En_US.

Step Five: Click Workflow Panels, then Actions

Step Six: Copy your Action folder, or drag it into this folder. 

Step Seven: Close File, then Launch Photoshop

Using your new Action! 

To use your new action, open the lineart, and go into Edit: Guided Mode. Look for the action player, click the action, and then click apply action or something of the like. There you are, an extracted icon that's all done and ready to color! 

Recommended Extraction Action: PS Action Extract Lineart by Saerina

ай CSS JMTH/poserfan
Ghost Icon
The first little icon I've ever made! Sorry it's so small, it was sized for Ponybox.
There was a man, walking down a dirty street. Not the same man who had done so almost five hundred years before. Well..five hundred years to him. A tweed jacket was slung over his shoulder, and he held a strange gait, as he wandered down the street. He looked sort of tired, and he was. Traveling alone wasn't easy on the soul. A small diner caught his eye, something was telling him to head in. He wasn't too sure at first, but then he gave in, walking into the worn down diner. It was what most would call a dive, or a greasy spoon. He thought the same, that was until..he saw her. "Bad Wolf.." He mumbled, though he had no clue what the phrase meant. Rose walked up, in a serving uniform. "Yes, sir, table for one?" She asked, not recognizing him. He nodded. "Yes, thank you. Erm, what is your name?" He asked, awkardly. She gave a soft sort of smile. "Rose Tyler, of course." She touched a pin that displayed her name. That stopped him dead in his tracks. A memory started to click into place, and he smiled. "Of course, darling. Rose Tyler. I'm..a friend. Don't worry about that. Table for one, please." He asked, not wanting to let it show. She nodded and led him to a table, setting a laminated menu down. He seemed familiar, but different. She didn't really recognize him. He sat down and nodded. "No need for a menu, just bring me whatever you think is good. And custard. Custard is good with everything." She looked at him strangely. "Okay...I'm not sure we have custard." The Doctor shrugged. "Everyone has custard." He answered, before he looked around. "With anyone, beautiful?" He asked, leaning his arm on the table. He wanted to know what her life was like after...after...what was it? Something that made his heart hurt, but he wasn't sure why. She sighed. "Nah, I've not been on the scene for a while. I'll go get your order in." She smiled a bit and looked at the man before her, noticing his odd dress. A bowtie? 


It was only about fifteen minutes before The Doctor received his food. He looked up to Rose and smiled. "Thank you, darling. I have an idea. I..don't have any money, but I'll tell you a something instead." He said, hesitating. This wasn't going to be easy at all. She smiled, that old familiar smile. The smile he had dreamed of for many years. So unfamiliar, but felt like home. Rose nodded. "Of course. You remind me of someone, by the way. I know it sounds a bit odd, but have you ever heard of The Doctor?" He froze. "We need to talk. This way." He hopped up, leaving the remainder of his food. She frowned and watched the strange man with curious eyes, as he pulled her outside. She stopped as he did, searching his face for anything familiar. "Who are you..?" She asked, not understanding. He smiled sadly. "Rose Tyler..darling, Rose Tyler. I don't remember much. It's been a long, long time. But I do remember two words..Bad Wolf. And I Your smile." He said, looking into her eyes. She took a step back as she heard him speak. "It can't be you. You don't look anything..well, I could be you. You know who I am. You know. But you don't, at the same time. Doctor?" She asked, growing confused. This didn't make any sense. He didn't seem like the same person. Not just his face, his personality.
This is just a short little promo paragraph to see if y'all like the concept.  

If I wrote..

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 9:31 AM
Hey, all. If I wrote an 11th Doctor fanfic, would you
read it? I have some ideas.

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Do any of you look at what I post? 

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