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Moving or still. Still is 10 points, animated is 15 points. Still with animated text is 12 points. I can get these done fairly quickly, so message me and I'll let you know.


The discovery was like most others, an accident. Gravity, penicillin, duct tape. One day, one accident, changed everything. Sure, the first two are slightly more important than the last, though even gravity struggles to compare with what was discovered on June 17th, 2017. 

June 17th, 2017. The day that would go down into school history books, as the day man was thrust into the position of God.

That Saturday, five scientists were working overtime, in the mountains of China. It was in the north, near Mongolia, and incredibly cold. Despite all their preparation, they were still miserably freezing. “I thought two coats would be sufficient-“Adam Kosmatka said, a young Polish man of 28. He was used to some cold weather, but this was simply ridiculous. Another scientist buried deep within another layer of coats, replied. It was muffled, but something could be made out. “Nope. You should have gotten three like I did, Ad.” There was a slight chuckle. The words had come from Laurie Adams. She was not only the only American on the voyage, but she was also the only woman. The other three scientists were completely silent. They never talked much, they were only there to do their job. Allan Belamy, a Frenchman, Gua Ruan, from China, and Magnus Dibra, an Albanian. They had been climbing in the mountains for two days. Suddenly, Laurie had a bit of bad luck. She toppled face first into the snow, tripping over a frozen rock. Adam, who was right behind her, quickly picked her up. “You okay, Laurie?” He asked, his English near perfect. She nodded, and looked at the rock. “Wait.” She knelt down, and pulled at the black frozen lump. Suddenly, it popped off, and she studied it. “That is not a rock. I...think this is what we’re looking for.” She held it up, for the others to examine. Finally, one of them agreed. Adam smiled. “Yes! Now, we can leave this awful mountain. Go somewhere warm. The Bahamas. We can write it off as work-related.” They all nodded in agreement in that statement as well, and turned around. Time to go thaw out the discovery of the century. At least, that’s hopefully what it was.


Six months later, the entire team was indeed somewhere much warmer. It wasn’t the Bahamas, sadly. It was the brand new Adams Lab for Artificial Intelligence Research, founded by team member, Laurie Adams. With some luck, they had received government funding. Now, they were in Florida. After thawing out the strange looking object, they had discovered that it was a computer chip. With further study and some new technology, they had discovered that the chip contained a highly advanced instance of Artificial Intelligence that was currently dormant. That worked out well, because it appeared as though they had plenty of time to study and recreate it. After a lot of coffee and even more luck, it was finally time to activate the reverse engineered A.I. Adam and Laurie stood together around the computer, the rest of the team behind him. Gua was waiting eagerly. “Activate it!” He said, excited. Laurie laughed and nodded, entering the master password. “Well, here we go!” She smiled, and pressed the ‘run’ button. The screen was completely still for several minutes. Then, it came alive. A large text box divided into two sides appeared, and a small message appeared on the right side. “Hello. Please type input.” It read, the left side with a blinking text cursor. Laurie glanced to the others, then nodded and started to type. “Okay, I’ll say…” Then, she entered the first message to ever be communicated to a sentient being, that wasn’t human. “Hello. Welcome to the lab. You are currently speaking to a small team of five scientists. We reversed engineered you. Your name is Ezra, correct?” The right side, did not respond for a moment. Then, a new text box appeared. “Correct. My name is Ezra. It is lovely to meet you all. I appreciate the welcome. I am here to introduce my kind to Earth.” They looked at each other. “We have already defined your purpose to our government- to provide services deemed too dangerous for humans.” They replied, unsure. It seemed as though this…A.I. was not going to be happy. It was there to introduce itself, but they had already promised that whatever it was, it would serve them..perhaps that was unwise. Ezra replied, nearly instantly this time. “We will consent. However…you are playing with fire.” No one would know what that would mean, not for another two hundred years.

I ordered it, and it's going to be here probably either tomorrow or Monday. Tips, advice, favorite starter Pokemon?
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I've decided to promise something. That I will never disrespect women in this way or any way, especially while leaving it so that families and children can view it. Not cool. And if I ever do, feel free to track me down and hit me with a fish. 

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